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TRUE "BLUESBREAKER-PINSTRIPE" grill cloth standard sizes for Marshall cabinets:

- 4x12 "Standard" cabinet (33"x33")   

- 2x12 "Bluesbreaker" Combo (23"x36")

- 4x12 "Tall Bottom" cabinet (40"x33") 

- 1x12 "18-Watt" Combo (20"x26")

Custom pieces are also available for all other cabinet sizes.

- Each order includes a full-color, easy to follow, step-by-step instruction booklet, so that you will achieve professional results with minimum difficulty. 


     "I went by your instructions exactly. They are very good and helped even a newbe like me do a good job"

     "First off...what a great product. Second...excellent install directions. Someone like me, who has never done this before, did so easily and the results turned out great!"

     "...I followed your instructions word for word. Everything went smooth with the installation. Thanks for helpling me become an upholsterer looks great in my Metropoulos Bluesbreaker."


EC Collins' "Bone-O-Matic" Bridge

Handmade Bone Saddles for Gibson ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridges.

    "In the course of 1960, bone saddles were used concurrently, albeit for a short period of time, and by 1961 white nylon saddles became the norm on all Gibson electrics."

         - A.R. Duchossoir, Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years 

    "The bridge is fantastic. Truly has a great tone to it. Sonically perfect."

         - Steve Stevens ( Billy Idol ) 

Gibson bone bridge saddles