In 1966, Eric Clapton established the quintessential sound of Rock Guitar.

With his Marshall 1962 "Bluesbreaker" combo and Gibson Les Paul in hand, he recorded what is often regarded as the greatest guitar tone of all time.

The "Beano Album" -- Bluesbreakers, with Eric Clapton -- set the benchmark, by which all future Rock Guitar tone would be judged.

There was however, one vital, yet almost secret component to this legendary tone, which was too often overlooked.

The "Bluesbreaker-Pinstripe" grill cloth, unique to Marshall Amplifiers from 1965-1968.

Used across the entire Marshall range, this distinctive cloth was mounted horizontally on the combo amps and often referred to as "Bluesbreaker" cloth.

When mounted vertically on 4x12 and 8x10 cabinets, it was commonly  called "Pinstripe" cloth.

Unfortunately, this legendary "TONE CLOTH" disappeared from production in early 1968 and would remain extinct for the next 40 years...

In 2009, EC Collins resurrected the cloth that was the "Gold Standard" of vintage Marshalls.


EC Collins' "Bone-O-Matic" Bridge

Handmade Bone Saddles for Gibson ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridges.

   "In the course of 1960, bone saddles were used concurrently, albeit for a short period of time, and by 1961 white nylon saddles became the norm on all Gibson electrics."

        - A.R. Duchossoir, Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years 

   "The bridge is fantastic. Truly has a great tone to it. Sonically perfect."

        - Steve Stevens ( Billy Idol ) 

Gibson bone bridge saddles