Unfortunately, this legendary "TONE CLOTH" disappeared from production in early 1968 and would remain extinct for the next 40 years.

In 1989, Marshall introduced their first reissue amplifiers, with the "Vintage Series" JTM45/ 1960TV 4x12 Cabinet and the 1962 "Bluesbreaker"  2x12 Combo.

     "Understandably, it was impossible for Marshall to exactly reproduce the grille cloth."

          -The History of Marshall

The inability to accurately reproduce the original "Bluesbreaker-Pinstripe" grill cloth must have caused Marshall some concern, as they chose to refine the “reissue” cloth cosmetics for the launch of the “Handwired Series” in 2004.

Unfortunately, the fact remains:


- It doesn't LOOK real

- It doesn't SOUND real

     "Then, in February 2006, Eric Collins started a quest that was to take him three years to complete and set himself the mighty task  of recreating the cloth that was the gold standard of vintage Marshalls."

          - The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years

Introduced in 2009, EC Collins' TRUE "BLUESBREAKER-PINSTRIPE" grill cloth is absolutely the finest possible replica of the original Marshall "TONE CLOTH" used from 1965-1968.

 The most striking visual signature of "Bluesbreaker-Pinstripe" grill cloth is the one-of-a-kind "Snakeskin" like repeating pattern, which is printed in fine detail on the surface of the light gray stripes.

EC Collins' TRUE "BLUESBREAKER-PINSTRIPE” features the 100% authentic pattern, photo-accurately replicated from the original 1965-68 cloth. 

Most importantly, this "TONE CLOTH" was NOT acoustically transparent.

By featuring rubberized stripes, embedded in a fabric backing, it created a unique equalization filter that reconfigured the tone.

EC Collins has precisely replicated the unique construction method of the original grill cloth, by featuring a custom made base fabric, with an identical weight and weave.

This correct "open weave" base fabric is the only exact match to the original 1960s base fabric still being manufactured in the world today.

Loomed at one of the finest mills in Europe and produced exclusively for EC Collins. 

The large surface area of the rubberized stripes, makes "Bluesbreaker-Pinstripe" grill cloth susceptible to environmental discoloration.

Decades of UV exposure, use on stages and in smoky clubs, can leave the original color in question, on even the best-preserved 1960s pieces.

Thankfully, the actual “as new” color can be found by removing an original speaker baffle from a 1965-68 cabinet and examining the virgin, unexposed areas of cloth normally hidden from view.

EC Collins has developed a proprietary formula, which precisely replicates the original color for TRUE "BLUESBREAKER-PINSTRIPEgrill cloth. This is the authentic color of Original "Bluesbreaker-Pinstripe," when it was new, in the 1960s. 

Finally, the original "Bluesbreaker-Pinstripe" grill cloth also has an exceedingly detailed cosmetic feature that is actually no larger than the head of a pin -- so small that you really need a magnifying glass to see it with clarity.

The "Snakeskin" pattern, which appears to be inked on top of the stripes in a solid charcoal gray color, is really an illusion. When examined closely, you can clearly see that this pattern is printed in extremely small black dots.

This pixelated printing method is called a halftone. The apparent "color" is created by overlaying the stripes, but also letting a small amount of the lighter stripe color to show through from between the pixels.

However, this seemingly unimportant feature is directly responsible for the semi-gloss surface finish of the original cloth.

EC Collins has proudly reproduced, even this most technically demanding feature. 

EC Collins' TRUE "BLUESBREAKER-PINSTRIPE" grill cloth is the world's only "REAL DEAL" replica, truly accurate to the finest detail.

     "The highest compliment is Marshall's use of the Collins cloth on their 50th Anniversary Bluesbreaker reissue from 2012." 

          - The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years

The Collins cloth was again chosen by Marshall for their limited production 50th Anniversary Stack in 2015.

Expertly handmade in the USA -- one piece at a time -- to ensure absolute authenticity and the highest quality possible.

If you are restoring a vintage Marshall, or wishing your reissue or high-end replica amplifier looked and sounded far more authentic, this Legendary "TONE CLOTH" is for you.

- It LOOKS real

- It SOUNDS real

- It is the REAL DEAL


EC Collins' "Bone-O-Matic" Bridge

Handmade Bone Saddles for Gibson ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridges.

    "In the course of 1960, bone saddles were used concurrently, albeit for a short period of time, and by 1961 white nylon saddles became the norm on all Gibson electrics."

         - A.R. Duchossoir, Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years 

    "The bridge is fantastic. Truly has a great tone to it. Sonically perfect."

         - Steve Stevens ( Billy Idol ) 

Gibson bone bridge saddles